Qualification confirmation

Join the marketplace of beauty industry masters with verified qualifications. Your potential clients are waiting for you!

Any master, regardless of number of years in the industry, working experience and education is able to verify their qualifications with ANTEO1.
We have 6 levels of qualifications to accurately verify the quality of skills of each master in ANTEO1 marketplace and scope of services they are able to offer to their clients. 

Who needs this?

1.    Client. 
Client swill know how much exactly what they are paying for .
2.    Master.
To verify their status and value in the beauty market and to ensure the growth and longevity of their career. 

For qualification’s verification Master should reach out to ANTEO1 Consultant or Accredited Educator.

You can get the verification through:

-    Recommendation of  ANTEO1 Accredited Educator
-    Presenting your work online or in person

We offer support and loyalty programs for Masters with verified qualifications.

Reach the highest level

Are you dreaming of a new profession? We recommend lessons for beginners, 6th level of difficulty
are you a master Choose your future mentors and their lessons. Consider the level of complexity and grow throughout life

Qualification levels of masters of the beauty industry

1 level of qualification
2 level of qualification
3 level of qualification
4 level of qualification
5 level of qualification
6 level of qualification
Registration of the master

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