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Join the network of the best Educators in the beauty industry. Get to be well known globally.

Are you already an Educator or Mentor in the beauty industry?
Have you created your very own training program? Do you have your own Training Academy?

We are waiting for you! 

The marketplace of the best Educators in the world is ready to help you in searching for students from all over the world. 

Are you only planning to create your lessons and start a career as an educator? 

Pass our qualification’s verification process and obtain ANTEO1 Accredited Educator Status. Contact an ANTEO1 manager, or an educator who has been accredited already, they will help you to start the process.

The process is much simpler than you think! 

Read about verifying your qualification here.

In order to obtain ANTEO1 accredited educator status, you must complete 3 easy steps: 

Step 1. Register with ANTEO1 and load information in your own virtual beauty office.
Step 2. Upload the proof of your qualifications and experience. You must have 4 levels or higher (3,2,1) 
Step 3. Apply for an ANTEO1 Accredited Educator Status. 


Get ANTEO1 Accredited Educator Status automatically If you already have 4 levels of verified qualifications from SCBS (КССК) or GCM.

Create a virtual beauty office and contact for accreditation. We will assign you an ANTEO1 Personal Consultant and will help you to create the best video lessons and courses. 
It's time to showcase your talent to the world!

How to become an Educator

Register with ANTEO1

Get your own virtual beauty office. Upload your achievements, certificates and works.

Verify your qualifications

We host and promote lessons and courses from Educators with verified qualifications

Get accredited as an Educator

We value the time and money of Masters who will be learning from you. It is important for them to know what exactly can you teach.

Create your own lessons and courses

Get world known and popular with your lessons. ANTEO1 is your personal producer.

Why accreditation with ANTEO1 is important?


We will promote you globally

We have the knowledge and experience on how to introduce and promote your unique set of skills to beauty professionals.


Your unique techniques will conquer the world

Creating and developing new and unique techniques? Millions of beauty professionals are looking to lo learn them.


Your classes will be available for purchase globally

Soon we will have a million verified ANTEO1 marketplace users worldwide who are prepared to pay for your classes.


Be noticed by the leaders of the beauty industry

ANTEO1 opens the possibility to get noticed by leaders in the beauty industry and global brands. Become a Brand Ambassador!

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