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Who are we?

ANTEO1 is a beauty knowledge marketplace.
Our mission is to provide industry relevant education for everyone, anywhere in the world. 
The project was created by Global Creative Masters (GCM) – a network of the best global beauty Educators and Mentors.
The creators of ANTEO1 have walked the path from a student beginner to an expert Master and are ready to share their knowledge and experience.

ANTEO1 is an ecosystem for beauty Masters.
The Masters from all over the world can do it here -verify qualifications and get new clients.
Register, create your own account, showcase your work, get new clients, learn for life - this is ANTEO1. 
If you are an Educator already, it's time for you to join the network of the best Mentors in the world.

Global network of the best Educators – beauty industry leaders in all specializations 

International system of qualification’s verification for beauty masters

Platform for searching and accreditation of Educators and Mentors

Marketplace of knowledge from world’s best educators and mentors.

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